They've said about painters:

 1 - It is not beautiful what is beautiful, but beautiful is what we like.

 2 - No painter is big or good until he is compared with painters that are not so good or big.

 3 - All is in the painters hands, that is why he has to wash them often.

 4 - A big and good painter has to be alone. Loneliness is his destiny and virtue.

 5 - The biggest deed of a painter is knowing everything ha has to do, to be a painter.

 6 - A painter always has faith for everything, even when he has lost it.

 7 - Nothing bothers a painter to be natural so much as his wish to look so.

 8 - There are three things for a painter: to be born, to live and to die. He knows when he was born,

      he does not suffer for having to die and he does not forget to live.

 9 - No matter of the color that You paint him over with, the painter always stays the same inside.

 10 - A painter does not only live from painting, but from trust also.

 11 - Contemporary medicine can make a man everything, but a painter.

 12 - The right of painting expression is only important if we are in a condition to have our own

        painting expression.

 13 - Painting that has an end, did not have a beginning.

 14 - A painter can be lost in two ways: by lending him money, or making his portrait.

 15 - Those who want to draw, draw slowly, those who fear drawing, draw fast.

 16 - No day is long to those who like painting.

 17 - There are painters today who kill themselves painting, only in order to provide a good living.

 18 - Painters paint with pleasure, only not to have to work.

 19 - Days of painting are the days worth living for.

 20 - A painters fame is like a poison which has to be taken slowly.