Reiew - Ergic Ljilja painter
 The latest authors works are imagined as one of the possible views of the new art of painting, by ways of      reanimating of the old through the new.
It is important to be mentioned that the author follows his art manuscript recognizable through his acrylic,   pastel and ink.
Usually, the modern artists try to set them free from the gathered life experience, to look back, to commence  the old with the new in a way that makes it easy for them to enter through the present.
It is obvious that the past expressions are necessary and finally those with which we have to live.
If the past acts on the present, it is probably the newest way of thinking of Mecalov Gjorgji.
At the beginning, the author offers us multileveled techniques, seeking the confirmation for his art maturity within himself.
The development of his concrete individualities from Pastel to ink and finally acrylic, can be seen in his two latest works:

- A church vitrage
- A church window towards the light of the Lord.

                                                                                                                                   Ergic Ljilja - painter